Machairida - Caves - Tersanas

A Day of Exploration
in Sea and Caves

If you’re seeking a calm and relaxing day at sea, away from the bustling pace of classic cruises, our next proposal is perfect for you. Our cruise is designed with the idea of rest and exploration without hurry, bringing you closer to some of the most verdant and serene spots in the area.


We start with Machairida, a hidden beauty with deep and clear waters, offering the ideal backdrop for those who love exploration. The mysterious cave of Machairida promises a unique adventure for diving and exploration enthusiasts.


Then, we head towards Tersanas, where the fine white sand and shallow crystalline waters create an ideal destination for families, as well as for those wishing to relax in the tranquility of the beach.

Discovering Machairida, Tersanas, and Lazareta

We conclude our cruise in a picturesque cove with an impressive cave, offering the perfect opportunity for diving and swimming in a truly magical environment. The experience of being in touch with the lush greenery of nature and the crystalline waters of the sea composes a journey that will remain unforgettable.


The Tour Includes
Fuel – Skipper – Snacks – Soft Drinks & Water
Swimming With Respirator, Sun Therapy, Swimming

Time Duration: 6-7 Starting Time:09:00 Ending Time:15:30

Machairida Tersanas

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